Egbert Anglo Saxon King of Wessex 802-839

Anglo saxon king egbert

King Egbert of Wessex, a brief claim to fame achieving a fleeting Overlordship over much of Southern England and the Mercians. His victory at the Battle of Ellandune would pave the way for the unification of England under Alfred the Great…

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King Cnut Canute 995-1035

King Canute

Cnut was a strong and brutal ruler who managed to control England , Denmark and Norway having demolished the inheritance of Alfred the Great by removing Ethelred and Edmund but would he fair any better in ensuring a smooth succession down his family lines, another intriguing family?

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Edward VI and Vagrancy Act 1547 Poor Laws


The Vagrancy Act 1547 was an uncaring response to a complicated social and economic situation after the death of King Henry VIII. The poor were penalized for a series of poor decisions by the Privy Council.

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Statute Punishment of Beggars and Vagabonds 1531

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Law - Poor Law

Was Henry VIII and his rule kind to Beggars? How does this act reflect the longer timeline of legislative events that lead to our current day Welfare State and how far back do the roots go, a snippet in a series of linked posts, designed to piece together the evidence that led to the British Welfare State. With great relevance and resonance with our current and hard pressed economic climate…

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Act of Settlement 1700-1701

Act of Settlement 1701document

The Act of Settlement in 1701, enshrined the exclusion of Catholics from the line of succession in England. It ensured the continuation of the House of Hanover.

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Expansion of England in C17th

England in the 17th century, it’s trade and expansion, how and why did England achieve such an expansion in it’s markets? What was happening that enabled England to dominate trade?

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