WW1 Postcards

WW1 Postcards a rich resource and a visual opportunity, find out how to discover and use the 20K plus postcards on Europeana for the period 1914-1918 and muse over how you might dig-out what ephemera you might have in your loft or research boxes that might help you and others connect and make that next step n researching your project wehther for your family history social, local or special interest project. In the first year of the 100th centenary of WW1 will there ever be such an opportunity to explore and discover what happened and better understand those momentous events?

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Bury The Dead. Christian Burials

Christian Burials

Christian burial traditions tell us a lot about the communities in which they are acted out. These customs affected your ancestors final resting place. For example, were they buried to the north of the church and if they were what does that tell you about their lives?

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Medieval Woman Eleanor of Aquitaine Part 1

Mother of Kings Henry III Richard I and John

Eleanor of Aquitaine was the most powerful and rich women in northern Europe in the early Medieval period but what were her motivations that turned her from king to king and that made her reject one son in favour of another?

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An intriguing afternoon with Lady Carnarvon about The Real Downton Abbey Highclere Castle

Highclere history highlights some intriguing connections after an enjoyable afternoon with Lady Carnarvon. Did the price of grain lead to a significant increase in Anglo-American Marriages amongst the British Aristocracy? Were the aristocratic marriages significant in the development of our society and what impact did they have subsequently through two world wars on the Special Relationship between two Nation-States. Amazing what you can learn from an intriguing lunch-time talk…

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