Archimedes Codex Book C An intriguing Artefact Rediscovered Palimpsest Project Video

The Wonders of a 12 Year Quest The Palimpsest Project: a Completely Innovative Approach to Lost Found and Rediscovered.

This medieval manuscript demonstrates that Archimedes discovered the mathematics of infinity, mathematical physics and combinatorics—a branch of mathematics used in modern computing. 

The Archimedes Palimpsest contains the remains of seven erased books, including the only surviving copy of two treatises by Archimedes—The Method of Mechanical Theorems and Stomachion”

With thanks to The Walters Art Museum Baltimore Maryland USA for this extraordinary project and refreshing approach and attitude Hurrah!


William Noel’s excellent video: If you think your family artefacts are difficult to figure, conserve and interpret just take a look at this Ted Director Video. Quite an intriguing and definitely fascinating, look at how this amazing document has been de-constructed from it’s cryptic format to work out its content and learn from it… Amazing science arts, skill and history. Just a quick snippet stunning use of science and humanities working in unison.

Its 14 minutes 50 secs approximately. Just wow factor and that’s before we even start looking at what Archimedes himself was actually doing, that’s really a bit beyond this post and more of an Intriguing History matter.  Will follow-up with that when we have time hoho to trace the ancients… But the content is fascinating the “discovery of a lost voice from Antiquity” truly new connections and insights into human knowledge.

And guess what, despite it was in private ownership, he has generously opened it up in terms of the data and made it open and publicly available.

This video is a fabulous exponent of making the data from the documents and artefacts widely available.  An erudite exposition as to why this is in the institutions interest to make the knowledge known open and able to be enriched by users the public that’s you and me.

It is short sweet and music to our ears. This what digital humanities can bring to the world. Here the Net excels if the Chinese walls of the academics and the institutions that they work in, can wake-up and smell the coffee like this excellent gentleman has, there is hope for us all.

Here is the link to the Project Site do take a look it deserves our mutual interest, it’s a fabulous insight and full of connections.

Oh Yes and here by their generous approach in Google Books is the Artefact which is a decoding of a copy…You can also download as a pdf from Google Books

Bravo Walters Art Museum and Baltimore ,Bravo, Bravo!


Here are some extras from the Project Programme all the digital data and documents all the images 

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