The Framework Knitters Declaration 1812

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The issuing of this declaration by the framework knitters was in response to the machines that as the workers saw it was bringing down wages and producing inferior quality goods. The framework knitters (also called stockingers), launched the Luddite protests in Nottingham in 1811, justifying their actions by referring to the 1663 Charter of the…

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The Framework Knitters 1821

Almost ten years on from the 1812 ‘Declaration of the Framework knitters’, conditions for the framework knitters of the counties of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester has not seen any sign of improving. The pay for these workers, of whom there were estimated to be about 15,000 in these three counties, was insufficient to keep them…

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James Watt Industrial Revolution

James Watt
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James Watt the inventor of the steam engine and the industrial revolution was driven by steam but he was a man with a ferociously keen scientific mind that dabbled in many areas. This is an introduction to one of Britain’s finest engineers, we salute James Watt and his steam engines.

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Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution?

Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution

Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution, what was this invention and what impact did it have on the textile workers of 18th century Britain? Why was the invention necessary and how did it connect with John Kay’s Flying Shuttle?

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Sir Robert Peel 1st Baronet a Prime Minister’s Father

Sir Robert Peel (1st Baronet) site of the original mill

What makes a Prime Minister? Why does the wealth health and education not ensure the success and happiness of future generations? Famous families as a reflection of our own and national history. Sir Robert Peel the first baronet certainly leads us into some intriguing connections…

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Lancashire Cotton Famine

Lancashire cotton famine
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The Lancashire Cotton Famine was a crisis in the Lancashire cotton industry in the early 1860’s, reminds us of the impact that global events have on individual economies. The world was as connected by trade and war 150 years ago as it is now. Nothing much changes

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Tailors and Family History

A plethora of tailors and dressmakers in our own family trees made us stop and think about the role of the tailor in the community and how they went about their everyday work and we will get to that but first Many in our families were tailors in Hampshire between Portsmouth and Hambledon. It just…

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