The Great Seals of England

The Great Seals of England, have been attached to important state documents for hundreds of years but what is the purpose and ceremony behind them?

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Queen Elizabeth I Statue London

Queen Elizabeth I statue
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The Queen Elizabeth I statue in London is that city’s oldest outdoor statue but it no longer stands where it was intended. It was re-positioned in the 1920’s and unveiled by Millicent Fawcett, the noted feminist.

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Royal Arms In Church

Arms King James I

Royal Arms can be found in many English parish churches but are easy to overlook. The question is what was their purpose and what can we learn about English history by studying them?

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Church Seals and Arms

Church seals and arms Bishop Benedictus

Church seals and arms appear in many of England’s churches and cathedrals but what were they for and what do they tell us about the church in the C13th?

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King Offa’s Gold Coin

King Offa's gold coin

A unique gold coin lies in the British Museum, with Islamic script engraved on it and the name of a King of England, Offa. Minted over twelve hundred years ago its origin and purpose continues to raise questions

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