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First Teacher Training Scheme 1846

The first Government teacher training scheme, was established in 1846, when it was linked to the pupil teacher scheme that was in operation in schools.

    • The pupil teacher undertook a five year apprenticeship within a school
    • On completion they would sit the Queen’s Scholarship examination.
    • Qualifying as a Queen’s Scholar, ensured a place in a teacher training college.

A first class scholarship brought an annual income of about £25 per annum, a second class scholarship brought an annual income of £20 per annum.

    • After a year at teacher training college, the trainee teacher would be placed in a school and undergo a two year probationary period, after which time all being well, they qualified as a teacher.

After 1914 teachers could register with the Teachers Registration Council, although it was not compulsory to do so. The register can be searched for a subscription fee. 

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