Education Act 1902

education acts

The act that provided for the provision of LEA Local Education Authority system and was also a catlyst in encouraging the development of Higher Education.

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Children Lost and Found Notices

Lost children of the C19th. How heartbreaking it must have been to lose a child in the seething populace of London but how did a poor family go about finding their lost child. A little piece of ephemera had us on the trail….

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Elizabeth Fry Reformer and Quaker

Elizabeth Fry social reformer

The work of Elizabeth Fry, Quaker and social reformer inspired others such as Florence Nightingale. Her courage and work was outstanding in a time when women were considered to have few roles outside of the family

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Educational Reform,State and School in C19th Britain

Prior to the Industrial Revolution the state played no role in the education of children. The Industrial Revolution however saw families forced into dense housing in the new industrial towns and gangs of untamed children roamed the streets, answerable to few, including the church and the government knew it had to intervene. The government thought…

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