How many children were in workhouses in 1853?

An intriguing snippet..

Families dreaded the workhouse, parents were separated from children with limited access time.

In 1853, a survey showed, that 77,000 children under the age of fifteen were living in workhouses and that one third of these were orphans.

The workhouse made little provision for children it was considered first and foremost, a place for adults.

There was very little opportunity for education.

It was realised that something had to be done for the children who found themselves in this impoverished situation and  the idea of Industrial schools was developed.

If you find anyone in your family tree, in a workhouse, it’s well worth the effort to dig out details of workhouse.

Peter Higginbotham’s well known workhouse site is an obvious starting point but local archives often have surprising details, ones we have found are accounts of each meal taken.

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