Constitutional Monarchy established in England 1688-1689

Magna Carta started the process of establishing the democratic basis of the English Monarchy but it is not until the English Revolution, known as the ‘Glorious Revolution’ that this is established first by the Petition of Rights  Bill of Rights 1689 and subsequently the Act of Settlement 1701Whist Britain has no written constitution exploring the history of our law and parliament reveals how the unwritten constitution weaves its ways around he fabric of British Low and Government. To find our mote take a look these two Themes to start with Law and British History and Government Power and Politics.

Queen Victoria and Albert started the process of evolving the Constitutional Monarchy and during his short lived reign their errant knave of a son became a highly effective ‘Constitutional Monarch’ as Edward VII and quickly followed by Edwards son George V and his wife Queen mary of Teck, who with the name change to the House of Windsor quickly realised the need to accelerate change in the way the Monarchy functioned.


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