World War II

Cap Badge Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment Cap Badge
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Military cap badge of the Parachute Regiment, find out how it makes up part of the intriguing collection of cap badges and how Winston Churchill set up this vital fighting force for WW2.

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Cap Badge Glider Pilot Regiment 1950 – 57

The Glider Pilot Regiment Cap Badge
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The cap badge of the Glider Pilot Regiment is one of a large collection of cap badges that we have had the privilege of curating at Intriguing History. If you would like to see more or contribute information we would be delighted to here from you.

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Bringing your history to life

Arthur Banting R.E.M.E 1943 - 1946

Connect with the lives of your family members, capture the reality and essence of the story of their lives, documents,photos and map them with the places where they lived worked and played… here is an example…No why not become your own map maker and family treasure curator…

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Pearl Harbour was attacked 7th Dec 1941

In memory of the 3,000 lives lost in less than two hours at Pearl Harbour which whilst devasting the UA forced the hand and brought America into the war, probably making victory almost certain ultimately and at great cost and loss of live to all sides.

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All Saints Church East Meon

Do you have a family history connection to East Meon in Hampshire? If so, then the church of All Saints, sitting on a rise above the village with Park Hill rising behind it, is as good a place as any to start. Find out what your family connection might be to this beautiful Hampshire village.

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