15th Century 1400-1499

Temple Church London 1185-2012

Temple Church london

The spirtual centre in the UK for the Knights Templar, how much is fable and what are the facts? From Temple to the Inns of Court, the significance of the Round, the importance of the effigies and a most extraordinary knight William Marshall together with the reason and consequence for Heraclius’s presence in London…

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Vagabonds and Beggars Act 1494

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Set in the stocks for even being suspected of being idle, puts in context ‘we don’t know just how lucky we are, part of the sequence of the Old Poor Law and certainly gives some insight into the plight of the poor and the conditions imposed on them by the ruling elite…

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Old Poor Law

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The Old Poor Law was the codified series of statutes that predated the draconian Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, the timeline of this law casts some light on the origins of welfare and the plight of the poor in England for many years. If you have any reason to want to better understand the basis of society during the 19th century then some reference to these legal orgins will be helpful.

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Portsmouth Dockyard

The closure of the Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth would bring to an end over 5oo years of Royal Naval ship building history in Hampshire

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Silk Weavers in your family?

The romance of silk weaving, it must have been incredible to produce such a thing of beauty out of the poverty stricken areas of East London. Do you have silk weavers in your family history?

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What is a Militia List or Muster Roll?

Militia lists and books or muster rolls, have their origins in Anglo Saxon times, when it became necessary to be able to call on a group of men, who, at a moments notice, could act as a local defence unit. This was particularly important when the ‘army’ was engaged in battle away from home. Recruitment…

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