Crondall Gazetteer and Historic placename mapping

Crondall one of the main Hundreds here is a useful snippet that deals with the references to the settlement with different spellings, usefull if you are searching old document catalogues to older references to this important Hundred.

We are starting to look for useful resources that relate to names of places and geographic areas and an initiative we are planning to build on Geonames a historic place names database, so locations can be named in the old spellings and plotted on modern maps. For news and updates on related mapping place name and family name ideas we have , checkout Intriguing Family History and why not register for email updates a hand way to keep informed.


Check out the references to Crondall Hundred on the Old Hamshire Gazetteer and also the full Gazetteer for Hants, click on the circular icon to interact with the table of contents that acts as a menu.

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