Joseph Priestley

Joseph Priestly
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Joseph Priestley radical dissenter and champion for the open and inquiring mind. Joseph Priestly was quite possibly one of the most important thinkers of the Enlightenment. His direct and open inquiry into both religious beliefs and ideas was also directed at science, politics and society. Who was Joseph Priestley? He was born on the 13th…

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The Royal Society

Royal Society

The Royal Society for the promotion of natural knowledge is one of Britain’s longest standing organisations, its members some of the worlds most brilliant minds.

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The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds

2012 Full Moon
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The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds happened because of a full moon. Those who joined together to become the ‘Lunar Circle’ or ‘Lunar Club’ as it was formerly known in 1775. The meetings of these fellows, with such fertile minds changed an age. The original ‘Lunarmen’,  gathered together for…

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1824 Patent for Portland cement

The 1824 patent for portland cement, an immensely important patent that allowed us the docks, the sewers and tunnels under the Thames.The importance of Portland cement in the development of English towns and cities cannot be underestimated.

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1795 Sterilization process for preserving food introduced

‘An army travels on it’s stomach’, so Napoleon said and seeing so many of his troops suffering from diseases that had more to do with hunger and scurvy than with battle wounds, he determined to do something about it. The French government offered a prize of 12,000F to the person who could invent a method…

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