Western Europe

Paris Peace Conference 1919

Was the Paris Peace Conference and four months of wrangling amongst the Allies robbing Germany of its Empire a key document that impacts on British Appeasement Policy in 1938 1939 and was it also a major factor in the problems that led to WW2? In full knowledge of its content is Chamberlain all too aware of its implications and seeks to appease Germany’s imperialist pretensions because of it, or in spite of it. Before we judge Chamberlain should we not take a long hard look at Britain in the ‘interwar years’ and how these outcomes constrain the options available as Baldwin resigns and Chamberlain picks-up the poison chalice.

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Europes Oldest University

Europe's oldest university

The Medieval universities and the cities in which they sit continue to inspire and engage us. Bologna Italy, lays claim to founding Europe’s oldest university in 1088, how far reaching was this seat of learning?

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The Golden Hind

Golden Hind London

The Golden Hind will be part of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee flotilla down the Thames, what impact did Drakes voyage have on the nation just over 430 years ago?

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Home Guard WWII

Many people in your family history will have served in the services in the last two World Wars but how many others did their bit in the Home Guard and how do we go about tracking them down. Use local museums and archives as a starting point to finding out about those one million volunteers.

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Doppler Effect Discovered 1842

In 1842, Austrian Christian Doppler reveals his discovery that the frequency of waves emitted by a moving source changes when the source moves relative to the observer. This called the Doppler Effect.

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