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The Cyrus Cylinder

Cyrus Cylinder

The Cyrus Cylinder is one of the world’s most intriguing and important written artefacts. Usually kept at the British Museum it is currently on tour in America.

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England as an Heptarchy

The birth of a nation and the emerging dominance of House of wessexe House of

7 Kingdoms Making 1 England with Alfred uniting the enterprise and the Vikings creating the climate in which English Unification was a better option that continuing domination of the Vikings. The Kingdoms hold the key into how these regions fought and conquered and rose up against the invaders to reverse the fortunes of England and set in place what would hold until the Norman Conquest, how would we turn the corner and become one people as Bede had alluded to…

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The Luddites

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Agricutural Revolution
This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Industrial Revolution
This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Reformers and Radicals

What made the Luddites riot? Was it worth the loss of 17 lives? Have our attitudes to technology changed or does the fear of the new pervade in our social response to innovation and invention generally or only specifically when it impacts on our ability to earn a fair living? In the early 19th century we see a rebellious element emerge and a collective consciousness of the working class begins to emerge, what other lessons can we learn from what makes the British riot throughout our history? The first in a series of posts and explorations…

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Eleanor of Aquitaine Mother of English Kings

Mother of Kings Henry III Richard I and John

Wealthy educated and powerful and that was just at 15, married to the Kings of France and England, forging the most powerful alliance in Northern Europe with the Angevin Empire created with the marriage to Henry II, through their complex family relationships, two sons would be King of England and many of her grandchildren would form the basis of the bloodlines of the important European Kingdoms for centuries to come, this was a woman on which history pivots…

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Foretelling The Future. The Science of Hooke and Higgs

Hooke and Hggs Boson Collision of Particles

Robert Hooke’s memorial tablet in St Paul’s Cathedral, calls Hooke ‘One of the most ingenious men who ever lived’, Hooke had the ability to creatively question science, to prompt debate and hopefully to make others think about future developments, even hundreds of years after his death. Peter Higgs never thought that his theories and predictions would be realized in his lifetime, just like Hooke and other great scientists his work has paved the way for others to think creatively and the result has been the discovery of the Higg’s Boson.

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