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Shakespeare’s Original Pronunciation

Shakespeare's original pronunciation

Shakespeare’s original pronunciation was very different to the sound of modern spoken English. Hearing his plays in OP is both exciting and enriching and not something to be left off any school curriculum as it totally changes the observers perception.

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The Old Music Halls

Old Music Halls

The old music halls filled the ordinary Victorians with a sense of fun and joy in what might otherwise be a pretty desolate life. Their tenure was to be fairly brief though as music halls gave way to picture houses.

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Shakespeares Quartos Digitised with full text search

Shakespeares works

Shakespeares Quartos in high resolution with searchable online text, precious artefacts at your fingertips so that you can virtually touch these priceless resources and harness them in your own historical research…a beacon of light in the field of digital history and humanities…led by the Bodleian Library quite inspiring

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Warwickshire Family History

Warwickshire UK, is probably best known around the world for it’s most famous son William Shakespeare. It is a fascinating county, largely rural to the south, the North became more industrial as the Industrial Revolution unrolled. It’s industrial heart contains a mixture of mining, clay and cement working, textiles and engineering. It is crossed by…

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Handel’s Messiah

Handel’s first performance of the Messiah was not in London but in a music hall in Fishamble Street in Dublin. The performance took place on 13th April 1742 and although he struggled to find enough performers and to convince the clergy to allow him to perform a sacred piece of music in a secular building,…

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