Who were your ancestors neighbours?

Sometimes when we work on our family history, it can seem as if our ancestors lived in isolation from people and events around them, even on a very local scale. 

    • Some surprising things can happen when you take a look at your family in context of their neighbours or the people they worked with.

This morning whilst mapping a one name study on an Intriguing Connections site,  we added a post for someone living in Old Burlington Street London in 1861.

Imagine our surprise when up popped another post, Florence Nightingale living a few doors away!

Having spent some time recently posting on various aspects of Florence’s life, it was a little strange to see her appear out of the blue.

Then we wondered,  what connections might this family have had with her, did they ever see any of her equally famous friends such as Charles Dickens?

Finding connections between seemingly disparate groups of people can reveal a whole new aspect to the lives of our ancestors.

We are constantly surprised at the connections we find when we map  people and events

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