People of Northern England Database

The People of Northern England (PONE) database is not new but not much heard about either.

People of Northern England database

Eldingham Castle Northumberland

This database is of the people in the Northern counties of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland from the C13th. It is drawn from two types of material, one financial and one legal. The financial material is drawn from the pipe rolls from 1219 to 1286, and the legal material from the plea rolls from 1219 to Trinity Term 1275.

The database can be searched in many ways and for those with a one name interest can throw up some intriguing early connections. The ‘How to’ guide is particularly useful but it might be that your interest in the C13th is more extensive, try searching by place and you will find one of the criteria by which a place name has been added is by toponymic surnames.

Anyhow it is an interesting database to play with whether from the perspective of a family or a social history student.

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