Oxford Blues win Historic 1st Equal Terms Boat Race

Oxford Blues win Historic 1st Equal Terms Boat Race

Oxford Blues win Historic 1st Equal Terms Boat Race,A magnificent and historic win for the Oxford Blues Women’s 8 in the first Women’s Race to take place, same day, same course a crushing victory against the noble Cambridge Eight. But whoever the winner was a fabulous day for Women’s rowing, sports and rights. Fantastic.

Oxford Womens win University Boat Race 2015

Oxford Womens Eight show us in Historic Win just what Success Looks Like The Boat Race 2015 Winners

Here is the Course Map on the official website for The Boat Race. You can find out more about the history of Oxford Rowing here and specifically about the history of Cambridge Women’s Rowing here. Here they are crossing the Finish near Chiswick Bridge


Oxford Womens Winners make the desperate dash and win

Oxford Women Winners 2015 across the Finish line

The Boat Race dates back to 1829, the image below is from the 1841 Boat Race and to give you an idea, that was the year of the first British Census.

1841 Boat Race founded in 1829

The 1841 Boat Race the same year as the first Census

So who will be the winner of the men’s race? Oxford in the lead, more pictures later….And the Winners were with three in a row, Oxford Men.


Men equal the Women Boat Race 2015

Oxford Men equal Women’s Jubilation 2015 what a way to do it The Boat Race

Oxford do it - The  Double Day

Oxford Jubilation in dynamic double, a fine tribute to Dan Topolski.


 Fitting Tribute to the late Dan Topolski

Daniel Topolski Author And Rowing Coach Coaching Oxford Boat Crew Daniel (dan) Topolski (born 4 June 1945) Is An Author Former Rower And Rowing Coach

Dan Topolski Author and Rowing Coach for Oxford and British Squad

The Boat Race Umpire, Boris Rankov paid tribute to the late and great Dan Topolski who died aged just 69 in February 2015. He was the leader of 10 straight wins for Oxford and was a charismatic leader in the sport of Rowing. His obituary can be read here on The Daily Telegraph, and here on the Guardian. A great and grand tradition, if you have ever witnessed never mind taken part in the Boat Race you will know what I mean. It underpins an event that whilst between two ancient universities is also all about an international sport and process that promotes excellence and passion for something which is not driven by pay but about the mad process of rowing up and down a river. Long may it continue.


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