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Maps of Roman Britain

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  • Maps of Roman Britain
Roman Map of Britain publishe

Roman Map of Britain according to the Ordnance survey.

Maps of Roman Britain

Using our interactive maps we will be including in our digital Gazetteer the major Roman towns and cities over time, Immediately if you wan to reference what Roman Britain looked like on a map you might like to consider these sources. Whilst they are external links we have selected what we have found to be most useful. If you have others to add then please just contact us here.

Roman Maps of Britain

This available online and provides an excellent overview as the OS Map has considerable detail on it. It is in our plans to provide a set of mapping data that can be used by us all using Google Maps nd Google Earth so we will keep you posted on that but for the moment here are the top 3 sources we have identified:

BL Claudius Ptolemy Version of map on BL online

  • Table (being mapped in due course as part of our digital Gazetteer ) of the known British modern places ad their major Roman names and locations (will be published as a table that you can search and download.

More information on the Roman Period including Timeline and more articles can be found here



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