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Lincolnshire Family History Connections

Do you have family history connections with one of England’s least known counties, Lincolnshire? Maybe a member of your family was in the Royal Airforce and flew from one of Lincolnshire’s WWII airfields

Let Intriguing History make some connections for you…..


    • The county of Lincolnshire spreads from the flat open shores of the North Sea, westwards to the Midlands and north to Yorkshire.
    • The city of Lincoln was once one of the largest and wealthiest cities in England. It thrived at a time when the wool and cloth industries were at their height and it was a major strategic  trading port on the River Trent.
    • Lincoln Cathedral has been described as the most beautiful in England and the county’s religious importance is ancient
    • The county is divided into three ancient divisions, Holland, Kesteven and Lindsey
    • Famous people from Lincolnshire include, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Issac Newton, John Wesley and Lord Tennyson

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