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Copyhold Tenure what does it mean?

Copyhold document
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If you were a Serf, you had no rights of appeal to a court outside that of your Manor, where your elied upon the biased and often harsh law of your particular lord, who might only be goverened by local custom. Copyhold tenure lifted you out of such servitude and established increased legal rights which were only abolished in 1926. Whilst the Land Registry was established in 1862, it did not record all transactions, find out how you can explore copyholders relevant to you and your history project for connections and insights that date back well before the 1837 BMD Registers…

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Nonconformist Burial Churchyard

Many of us have nonconformists in our family history but we are not always aware of it. Search through the records of nonconformist burial grounds to see if you can trace that elusive ancestor….

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Cemetry Records

Cemetery records provide fascinating information for both the family and social historian. Explore many resources to help you track down lost relatives

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Portsmouth Dockyard

The closure of the Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth would bring to an end over 5oo years of Royal Naval ship building history in Hampshire

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