First Kodak Box Brownie

Kodak Box Brownie

Box Brownie No 2

It’s always a sad day when a household name finds itself in trouble and so it is with Kodak

How many of us started out, taking photos with a Box Brownie, pocketing our reels of film, never quite knowing what the results of our endeavours would be.

Unlike the age of digital photography, there was no instant result and the wait for our ‘snaps’ was always filled with excitement.

George Eastman, born in 1854 in New York was an inventor who invented the first roll film in 1884 and the Kodak Box camera in 1888.

His Eastman Kodak Company manufactured the first Box Brownie camera in 1900. Go online to explore all that he achieved at the International Museum of Photography and Film

So dig out all the black and white Brownie snaps and have an indulgent moment….

When you go through old family photos, do you ever wonder about the camera that took the shots, who owned it, how much did they cost? There’s so much in a photograph besides the image.
Look for the connections that flow through your own family history, whether through occupation, hobbies, migration or location.

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