Endeavour reaches Tahiti with James Cook in Command 1769

Endeavour reached Tahiti on 13 April 1769 and duly made their observations on 3 June, meanwhile charting the islands and collecting natural history specimens.

In Tahiti, the Endeavour was overhauled ready for the rest of the voyage. Trading nails, iron tools, cloth and other such useful commodities for pigs, fruit and coconuts. He made sure his men ate fresh meat, vegetables and vinegar whenever possible, as he believed these prevented scurvy. Scurvy is known to be caused by a vitamin c deficiency.

Endeavour weighed anchor and left Tahiti in August 1769 almost a full year had been spent on Tahiti, preparing for the next major step in their voyage. They had landed and departed from what is now known as Cook’s Bay, French Polynesia (it later became a french colony.)

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