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Family History

Family History and Evernote

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Tools for Family Historians

Family history involves collecting, organizing and retrieving masses of disparate data, is an enormous task. Seeing connections across pieces of data is vital but difficult to manage. Family historians using cloud computing can use Evernote to store and search material by tagging data, making it incredibly easy to retrieve.

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Family History and Cloud Computing

family history and cloud computing
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Tools for Family Historians

How can use ‘cloud computing’ to aid your family history research. Think of the volume of data you have stored about the history of your family. Are you sure your data is backed up and retrievable in the face of a meltdown of your PC? How can you collect research data on your tablet / laptop and have it synced to your PC?

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The Intriguing Parish Chest

parish chest

What intriguing documents did your parish chest hold? For family historians the parish chest holds a wealth of social details that give context to your own family history story

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British Home Children Canada Resources

When searching in your family history for a missing child, consider looking at records for The British Home Children to Canada databases, or you can add your own data to an ever growing list of children

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Removal Act 1795

removal act 1795

The Removal Act of 1795 is of great significance for family historians because for the first time it was easier for people to move away from their place of birth but did it help them out of poverty is another question all together.

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