British Monarchs

Richard II King 1377-1399

Last Plantagenet King of England Richard II
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Richard II son of the Black Prince and Grandson of Edward III what kind of a King would he make coming to the throne at just 9 years old, confronting the Peasants Revolt and growing-up with the burden of kingship. Follow his timeline and chronology of the events that shape his life and impact on his kingdom.

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Duke of Windsor Sends his Best to Winston Churchill

King for just 10 months and never crowned

A British King had abdicated for the woman he loved, some 18 years later he would make a rare and awkward film appearance on the occassion of Winston Churchill’s 80th. Had the political climate thawed after the tragedy of a family divided and the Duke wanted to pay tribute and honour an old friend and loyal servant of the nation. An intriguing moment that might be repeated, see he video and follow our new Windsor period on Intriguing History.

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Act of Settlement 1701

Act of Settlement 1701 ensures that preference is given to Sophia and her issues as Elector of Hanover if William or Anne die without a surviving heir. In effect it bypasses the stronger hereditary claim of the Stuarts and ensues that the Enligh Monarch will remain Protestant.

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King John vs the Church

King John vs the Church
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King John vs the church, is this what was behind King Johns road towards Magna Carta? Was this a King who did not fear God and a country little bothered by its isolation from Rome?

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Edward II King of England

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Plantagenet Monarchs

Edward II King of England 1284-1327 Edward II King of England’s mother sought to depose her own son. It cannot be the sign of a strong kingship surely? Judge for yourself with this brief summary timeline, family trees and short narrative of the life of Edward II, king of England. Acceding to the throne in 1307 Edward II’s reign…

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Edward I King of England

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Born to an unenviable heritage with the infamous John as his grand-father and Henry III a failing father how would Edward I change the tide that had swept before him? Was it even possible and how would his life map-out and impact on the development and history of Britain? Find out about Edward’s reign and timeline of major events, his ancestors and descendents and family tree here as part of our Plantagenet collection.

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King John’s Will

King John's Will

King John’s will or testament is held in the Worcester Cathedral archive, it is the oldest original will of any English monarch and is concerned with securing succession.

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