Richard III son of York buried in Leicester

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Richard III son of York controversial king reinterment in 2015 in leicester. A new event on the House of York and Plantagement timeline, Whether you are a Ricardian or not, this has been a monumental week and here are some pictures resources and reflections on this intriguing moment in British history.

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Coptic Christianity

Coptic Christians

Coptic Christianity has provided the world with some of Christianity’s oldest and most controversial Christian texts, including the Nag Hammadi texts and now, most recently, the small piece of papyrus hinting at the possibility that Jesus Christ had a wife

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Early Historical Documents and Chronicles

have you heard of Bede? Wondered how we know what happened in the Anglo Saxon Period. Got a pet interest in early history of the British and the places in which they lived worked, fought and played? Then accessing these crucial early resources will be great for you and your history interests. A brief survey will give you the overview and find out about forthcoming eBooks which will help you further utilise these resources wihtout having to read then cover to cover…

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Anglo Saxon Burhs Map

Anglo Saxon Burhs

Burhs were strategic military civil and trading locations, fortified and enabling Alfred and his successor to hold off a full-scale Danish invasion. Strategic locations, building on sound Roman foundations and existing earthworks and fortifications. These were crucial to Alfred’s success and to his son Edward the Elder, Explore the map and discover whether a town near you was part of the Anglo Saxon defense of the realm of Wessex and Mercia.

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