Antonine Wall

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Antonine wall north of Adrian’s Wall was occupied fora short time and represents the retreat of the Romans from Scotland. Di you know it exists, what is left there and where does it run, relative to Hadrian’s Wall. Find out here with interactive Map of both walls and Google Earth Downloads for you to explore from here.

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Agricola was a most effective Roman leader who was Governor of Britain between 77 AD – 84 AD. His list of accomplishments was written down by Tacitus, his son in law

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King Stephen I of England 1135-1154

King Stephen

Stephen seized the Crown of England, but was always looking over his shoulder and battling with Empress Matilda dn Geoffrey of Anjou, only finally reaching a compromise that was to cost his son dealry just before his death…Henry de Blois is Kingmaker and swings between the parties as brother of Stephen did the family links count for so little, what an intriguing family…

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