Cap Badge of Royal East Middlesex Militia 1874 – 1881

The Royal East Middlesex Militia cap badge

Royal East Middlesex Militia

The Royal East Middlesex Militia military cap badge 1874 – 1881,  the badge was worn on a  Glengarry

    • The Royal East Middlesex Militia was made a Royal militia in 1803
    •  The militia  moved around the country, being barracked in both the north and the south, at different times.
    • Enlistment seems to have occurred wherever they happened to be quartered.
    • From 1858 – 1881 the officers mess was located at Burgh House in Hampsted  and barrack blocks were built in front of it

They supplied men for the regular army for  the Peninsula War, when they supplied 634 men and the Crimean War

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