Cadgwith and Fishing a dangerous occupation

“Fishing more than a job, it is the heart and soul of the village” in Cornwall the poorest county in Britain

A snippet of the BBC Programme preview for A Fisherman’s apprentice, even today the most dangerous occupation in the UK and they have been fishing in Cadgwith since the Middle Ages.

In many of our family histories we will have enjoyed the great British family holiday in Cornwall and Devon in the West Country. Cornwall may have become very trendy in latter years but this programme and the link gives a little bit of English life encapsulated.

These hard working lovely people, risking life and limb for very little but fighting to keep a lifestyle going. You can see a community in evolution with new people moving into the area. British culture on the move.

Catch-up on BBC iPlayer and take a look at the brief Cadgwith site and a brief history of fishing mining and other industries in Cornwall

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