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The plight of sick children 1843

Children from working class and very poor backgrounds, suffered in many ways, during the C19th.

    • Whilst families loved their children, the harsh and grim realities they found themselves in, meant they was little money or time, that could be spent on sick children.
    • What care came, was largely given by parents and the greater family. Society in general gave little thought to the plight of children, especially when sick and needing specialist care.
    • Sick, poor children, were an expected and expendable part of C19th society and little care or thought was given to hospital treatment for them.

A survey undertaken in 1843 found, that, in all London hospitals, whilst there were 2,400 patients, only 26 of them were children under ten years old.

    • Yet, of the 51,000 people who died in the capital that year, 21,000 of them were children under ten years old.
    • In any part of a family tree, the mortality rate of children under ten can be calculated for a given decade, comparing it with average national mortality rates, can give a fresh insight  to your family.

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