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Royal Institution founded 1799

The Royal Institution was founded on 7th March 1799

Faraday Lecture Royal Institution

    • It was founded by leading scientists of the time, including Henry Cavendish and it’s purpose was quite simple.
    • It was to diffuse knowledge and facilitate the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements. For teaching through courses, lectures, experiment and the application of science to the common purposes of life.
    • Supported by politicians such as Wilberforce who believed that by encouraging science then improvements would be gained that could better the lot for poor people.

He encouraged both Faraday and Davy to show their inventions and discoveries at his ‘Bettering Society’ and encouraged the foundation of the Royal Institute from the outset.

Michael Faraday was involved with the Royal Institution for much of his life and his fascinating history can be explored through the absolutely brilliant website for the Royal Institution. He founded the Christmas lectures still enjoyed by many of us today

There is an excellent history and archive section full of  accessible information and gives a real flavour of the historical period

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