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UK Counties

Mapping the London Blitz

Will the TNA JISC funded Mapping the Blitz Project help those of us that funded it with our hard earn’t tax payers money we do hope so….

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An intriguing afternoon with Lady Carnarvon about The Real Downton Abbey Highclere Castle

Highclere history highlights some intriguing connections after an enjoyable afternoon with Lady Carnarvon. Did the price of grain lead to a significant increase in Anglo-American Marriages amongst the British Aristocracy? Were the aristocratic marriages significant in the development of our society and what impact did they have subsequently through two world wars on the Special Relationship between two Nation-States. Amazing what you can learn from an intriguing lunch-time talk…

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Morgans Map of London Post the Great Fire 1682

William Morgan’s Map of London 1682 and 1676 were key social history documents, they reveal much more than where and how London was organised in the post Great Fire era and at the dawn of the Enlightenment why is this document important for anyone wanting to understand the later history of London and it’s population. A series of intriguing connections with marvellous maps that illustrate why the mapped and geospatial perspective is compelling and vital in researching your history project.

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Dorset Coast Digital Archive

Dorset is an amazing coastline and the Dorset Coast Digital Archive is a fantastic resource for anyone with a family history or historical interest in Dorset

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