House of Wessex Period

Who Was Emma of Normandy?

Queen Emma of Normandy
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Queen Emma, twice Queen of England and gatekeeper to the Norman dynasty, is one of histories most intriguing Medieval women. What was her role in the melee of Viking, Anglo Saxon and Norman rule?

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King Cerdic

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Cerdic according to the Anglo Saxon Chronicles the first King of Wessex, the same line as Alfred the Great discover his connections to British History and his famous house here. Was he a just a legendary figure, a saxon warlord?

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England as an Heptarchy

The birth of a nation and the emerging dominance of House of wessexe House of

7 Kingdoms Making 1 England with Alfred uniting the enterprise and the Vikings creating the climate in which English Unification was a better option that continuing domination of the Vikings. The Kingdoms hold the key into how these regions fought and conquered and rose up against the invaders to reverse the fortunes of England and set in place what would hold until the Norman Conquest, how would we turn the corner and become one people as Bede had alluded to…

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Egbert Anglo Saxon King of Wessex 802-839

Anglo saxon king egbert

King Egbert of Wessex, a brief claim to fame achieving a fleeting Overlordship over much of Southern England and the Mercians. His victory at the Battle of Ellandune would pave the way for the unification of England under Alfred the Great…

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