Before the first English Kings c500 AD

The direct rule of the Romans ended in the early fifth century. It was a ragged affair but when they finally left our shores it exposed Britain to influx after influx of invaders, Angles, Saxons and Jutes, who would loot, sack and burn villas and towns and then retreat to their homelands as Winter set in.

The Britons saw their way of life being eroded as the attacks became more and more fierce. They became unable to produce goods for trade and commerce ground to a halt as their currency collapsed. A woeful time for the Britons who had prospered under the Romans.

The invaders pushed the Britons into Scotland and Wales and started to establish small kingdoms of their own. They were warring nations with distinct cultures of their own. For the next several hundred years they were warring kingdoms, each kingdom held together by fierce loyalty and kinship.

The supremacy of one king over another was however recognised and out of these dark and troubled times there began to emerge a new order, driven by the Christian religion which, despite many setbacks was thriving in this land.

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