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St George The Martyr Southwark

The church of St George The Martyr has been documented since 1122 but the present church was built between 1734 and 1736 by the architect, John Price. In the middle ages Borough High Street ran south from London Bridge and at it’s end stood the church of St George with fields lying beyond. In 1951…

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The first railway terminus at Euston 1837

Euston station was the first mainline station to be built in London. In July 1837, the London and Birmingham Railway opened it’s first terminus. It was to have been built at Camden at Chalk Farm but it was proposed that that it should be brought closer to the metropolis and an Act of parliament in…

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The new London Bridge opened 1831

The old London bridge was a bridge like no other bridge in the world. It was a thoroughfare, jammed full of houses and shops and passable only with caution and if you had time to spare. The old bridge was not able to cope with growing demands of an expanding city  A new bridge was…

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