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Resources and FAQs being moved into Knowledge base

With effect from 17.02.19 we are starting ti build our Intriguing History Knowledge base to provide an alternative means of finding articles and content grouped together and with suggestions that we believe will be helpful and of interest. It is a considerable task so please be patient whilst we build the articles to cross reference…

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Themes in British History

We have selected a range of Themes in British History and the articles relating to each theme can be located on the Theme Categories, Search or by clicking on the Sub Menu on the Themes Page. Alternatively yo can select and go to a Theme Main Page on the list below: Arts Design Media and…

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Periods in British History

These are the periods covered, you can access the list from Main Menu or go directly to any one of the themes by clicking on the links below: Periods in British History Roman Period Pre 410 Anglo Saxon period 410-1066 Normans 1066 to 1154 Plantagenet Period 1154-1399 Lancastrian Period 1399-1471 House of York 1460 –…

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