1st century to 100

The 1st Century, in which Jesus of Nazareth begins his ministry and the Roman Empire continues to dominate.

As Roman power grows, the pressure on Jewish kingdoms increases. Further pressure comes from the preaching of John the Baptist who sees corruption and perversity in the actions of Jews in Jerusalem. He has many followers, including Jesus of Nazareth. His verbal attacks on King Herod bring about his capture and execution.

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Jesus continues his ministry and a large following. He too is captured and killed. His followers continue spreading the message and Jews and non Jews join this newly emergent faith and await the second coming of Jesus.

The Roman Emperor Claudius sends troops to conquer Britain.

Relationships between Jews, Christians and Romans falter and fail, Jews turn on Jews as poverty and famine grip Jerusalem. Christians are killed for what are called criminal acts.

The Gospels are being written, setting down the life of Jesus.

The Romans win control of Judea and various groups of Jews disappear, some are taken away as slaves and Rome decides that Judea will not be the homeland of the Jews any longer. Christians see the demise of Jews as God’s punishment.

Mount Vesuvius erupts, covering Pompeii and other towns.

The Romans continued to expand their territory in Britain with Agricola sending armies deep into Scotland until defeated at Mons Graupius.

The 1st Century A brief chronology and timeline of the 1st century of British History will follow shortly

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