10th century 900-999 CE

In the 10th Century, the Viking world stamped it’s foot on Europe.

Theirs was a sophisticated and cultured world with wonderfully tooled metal work, finely minted coins and skillful navigation systems.

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One of the bloodiest battles ever fought on English soil took place at Maldon in East Anglia, as the Scottish and northern lords, shored up by the Vikings sought to destroy the Anglo Saxon King Aethelstan. His victory and the promise the pay more Danegeld to the Vikings brought them to a halt and forged a stronger England.

The Abbey of Cluny rose to become a mighty institution

The Benedictine monks, governed by the Abbey, numbered over 10,000 and became a great monastic power answerable only to the Pope. It’s reach across Europe was immense and it was declared ‘the light of the world’.

Eric the Red in a marketing ploy of some desperation.

Named the bleak land he had laid claim to ‘Greenland’ in the hope of tempting settlers there. Canny fellow because several boatloads of Vikings arrived and built a colony it is thought grew to 5,000 individuals.

And the Frankish King Charles III gave the Viking chieftan, Rollo, the area of Normandy, so long as he became a Christian.

These Vikings would within a hundred years, invade England and change the course of English history.

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