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British History Resources online catalogue curated and indexed for you and your project or interest in British History. An online and evolving index to help you find great resources we have located quickly and easily. On our travels through the archives looking for primary source material, we often come across digital resources that seem buried deep in the web, hardly seeing the light of day. We want to share our finds with you, knock down some of the academic barriers to accessing the data and get people to let us peep into their ivory towers.

If we all do a bit towards creating open access data, what a wonderful thing that would be. We believe open access is vital for all knowledge ultimately, we hope you do too. You might also like to take a look at our county perspective on Hampshire (Hants) known as the Hampshire history Project. The current research there is being spear-headed by a desire to create an open access digital gazetteer of Hampshire.

DatesResourceThemes / contentSource
500-1499Medieval Music in Britain an intriguing Resource for Historians with an internet in English Music and its early developmentMedieval Music in Britain

Direct access to Frank Harrisons expert and authoritative work published 1959, available online and written in the 20th century. Frank Harrison died in 1987, the work he has left is a joyful legacy on a subject that is difficult to learn about if you are not within the ivory towers and shares the rich legacy he has left behind with us all.
Music and History
Medieval Music
Arts design music and media
Post on Intriguing History Source on internet Archives and World Catalog.
800-2015List of British Monarchs Kings and Queens Listed by date and period of British History.Monarchs All Periods Monarchy Kings and Queens Royalty ListsIntriguing History
1410-1420Old Hall Manuscript of Early British / English MusicBritish and English Music Manuscripts Arts Design Media and Music Artefacts Artifacts 15th Century
English Early Composers
1510 - 1517Medieval Scribal Pattern BookA medieval scribal pattern book by Gregorius Bock, ca. 1510-1517 from Swabia, Germany. The codex is composed of two parts: the first illustrates alphabets in various scripts often preceded by a text written in that style and second part of the codex is composed of decorative initials arranged alphabetically
1720-2015British Prime Ministers List listed in chronoloigical or Timeline order.British Prime Ministers List Politicians 18th 19th and 20th centuryIntriguing History
1777-2015House of Rothschilds Archives
The Rothschild ArchivesThe historical archives of a remarkable family and business that has thrived for more than 200 years. The resources are largely summarised but accessible for research subject to registration via the site, this requires academic references unfortunately. But there are good summaries of the genealogy and the business including a timeline you can access without registration.
British History the Jewish Community
Church Faith and Religion 18th century 19th century 20th century
Rothschilds Archives
1500-1840Mills History of British India (Vol 1 of 8 Volumes) by wilson Published 1840 India empire British East India Company
Tudor Business trade and Indstry
Internet Archive, free o use
1450 - 2015The London Picture Map, digital collection of images of London.LondonPost on Intriguing History
1485-1603Lecutures and Papers on the Reformation in England and on the Continent Published 1890 by Aubrey Lackington Moore Tudor Reformation 16th CenturyInternet Archive Free to use
1697An Essay on the East-India Trade 1697 by Charles D'Avenant
The East India company was set-up under he Royal Charter of Elizabeth I in 1600. Nearly a century later this essay (source document) provides almost a century later an insight into the 17th century perspective about the importance for the nobility of having a knowledge of trade and business. The essay can be found in the Yale Law School Avalon CollectAn Essay on the East India Trade 1697ion transcribed here
India Empire Business and Trade 17th Century
1700-2015Military Memorabilia and Cap Badges a growing collection of British and its dominions Cap Badges as a handy online reference.Military Objects Cap Badges Collections Intriguing History
1748 - 1832 of Jeremy Bentham
1812 - 1870 Dickens, his life, his works.
1914-1915The Dardanelles by Sir Charles Edward Callwell
1939-1945Film Documentary about Holocaust Documentary made unfinished at end of WW2 'When Night Falls a British TV documentary first shown on Channel 4 about the making of the post war documentary about the Holocaust, see this post here.WW2 Germany Holocaust Jewish Oppression Film Documentary Alfred Hitchcock directorReview and links