Migration Theme

We are keen to develop and explore the theme of migration on Intriguing History because an understanding of just how connected the human race is, can only serve the world better in the future.

Science has shown us that in historic times, there have been clearly identifiable groups of people who have moved from area to area around the globe. These movements, migrations are the basis of our human story and how we have evolved.

How then can groups be distinguished?

We are able to distinguish different groups by language, cultural and religious practices and influences, it as true in pre-history and it’s still true today. We might move around the globe but we take with us, that by which we identify ourselves.

Why do people migrate?

At it’s most basic, people migrate in order to survive, drought, flood, climate change can all force people to move from one place to another. War drives people from their homeland, to become refugees elsewhere.

Some people are voluntary migrants others not such as slaves shipped out of Africa or convicts to America and Australia.

Migration does not always mean integration, migration can also mean persecution and domination, it can mean invasion

Migration of people has driven social change in history and continues right up to the present day. Many people are interested in seeking out their ancestral roots and for most of us that includes exploring the migrants in our families and the reasons for their migration.

Our focus on migration is therefore, to explore the reasons for people moving from one place to another and to try and help people to discover resources that will help them to achieve it.

Visit our sister site, Intriguing Family History where we are beginning to curate good resource material for those investigating their family trees.

We are working hard to collate and curate as much material as possible but it will take a while. Not all of the resources are new but we have found that sometimes good resources get subsumed by the large data collecting sites and a clear understanding of what the resource may other becomes clouded. You can register for updates as we add resources and in doing that you will also be encouraging us ever onwards:)


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